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What Causes Hammertoes And How Are They Treated?

For those who do not know what this is, you will be introduced soon. First of all, you need to understand that any kind of painful discomfort that you feel in your feet is not natural and sometimes it will not just go away on its own. This is why you should contact sports podiatry Bondi Junction by Orthotic Solutions Podiatry if you feel any discomfort or pain.

It is a deformity

Hammertoe is one of the most common deformities of the fourth, third and the second toe and it is usually caused while wearing uncomfortable narrow shoes that do not have a good arch support. While the condition can be quite painful, there are many treatments that can ease that pain. So if you are suffering from this, make sure to visit your podiatrist for help.

Do not ignore the obvious signs of this condition

A hammertoe is a toe that has an abnormal bend in the middle joint, which will cause it to bend downward; hence the name hammer-toe. This painful condition will form because of the imbalance of the surrounding muscles, ligaments or tendons that are there to keep our toes straight. Toes are flexible, to begin with, so if they are not treated on time, this might change.

Facts to remember:

– The primary symptom of the hammertoe is the bent toe that will resemble the hammer.

– Hammertoes are caused by a muscle imbalance that occurs in toes.

– There are some simple exercises that can help prevent and treat hammertoes.

– Without prompt treatment, this condition can get much worse.

Causes of hammertoes

After reading the previous part, if you feel that you might have this, you should contact your podiatrist. For those who do not have a podiatrist in mind, you can always call Podiatrist Eastern Suburbs like Orthotic Solutions Podiatry, where they will happily take care of any feet condition you have and answer all your questions.

While women do look good in heels, this can cause a lot of harm in some cases

The usual causes include:

  1. Some shoes: women look great in high heels, right? Well, shoes that are too tight through the box can be one of the main causes of hammertoes as it can force toes into a flexed positions. When this is repeated, the toes will not be able to get straightened on their own.
  2. Sex: women are actually more likely to develop this condition than men.
  3. Injuries: sometimes even an injury can cause us to get hammertoes; for example, a broken toe, or a stubbed and jammed one can result in a hammer toe.
  4. Toe length: if your 2nd toe is longer than your big toe, then you might get a hammertoe.
  5. Age: as with many other conditions, the risk will increase with age.
  6. Some diseases and genetics: can also cause you to have hammertoes.


There are two different treatments that you might require, one is meant for those with mild hammertoes and the other for extreme cases. The mild ones will require you to do some simple exercises at home that can help, while the extreme ones might require you to have a surgery instead.

Final word

No matter the case, you should always consult your podiatrist first. Do not just randomly take one remedy and think that it will work for you as it did for somebody else. Nobody can tell you what the best is for you than your podiatrist, so make sure you have a visit as soon as you feel like there might be something wrong.