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Common Myths about Mouth Guards

Most people are likely to suffer from teeth injuries when engaging in some contact sports such as martial arts, boxing, and judo. Since people know how teeth injuries can be painful and hard to treat, they usually look for ways to protect their mouths. One commonly used method is the mouth guards due to their effectiveness. Midtown mouthguards are the best solution if you are engaging in these sports and worrying about your teeth. The following are the common myths you should not believe if you are looking to have mouthguards.

Athletes cannot use them with Braces

Most people believe they are not qualified to have mouthguards if they have braces since they believe wearing them will not have any impact. However, even if you have braces, you are a candidate for mouthguards as long as you engage in active sports. The mouthguards are usually customized for every person in a way that they accommodate any overlapping treatments or dental imperfections that you could be having.

They are Only Used for Contact Sports

Most people believe that mouthguards are only used by individuals who engage in contact sports. They believe sports are the only place they have a high risk for oral-facial injuries. However, even though they are mostly used in contact sports, they are still used in other places. They also solve bruxism, where people clench and grind their teeth when sleeping, by offering a barrier between the lower and the upper teeth.

They cannot protect if they do not Cover All Molars

Some people believe that for their mouthguards to be effective, they must cover all the molars. The truth is that if they cover all the molars, the person will feel more uncomfortable, and the condition could trigger a gag reflex. Mouth guards are designed to protect the impact zones, which are highly vulnerable areas. In most instances, the impact zones are the areas in front of your teeth and under your molars.

All of them are the same

Some people believe that all mouthguards look the same. Since most of them are not created for aesthetic purposes but for protection purposes, they seem similar to most people. However, even though many of them look familiar, some people go the extra mile to seek customized mouthguards that look more attractive.

They are Not Helpful at All

Some people have highlighted that there is no need to wear mouthguards since they will not protect you from an injury. The main reason they believe this is because some people have suffered from concussions when wearing them. The truth is that even though they protect you from many injuries, they do not protect you from all of them. You should wear them since they will reduce the risk of injury by a large margin.

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