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Dianabol (or Methandienone) – A Popular Choice among Body-Builders

Dianabol also called Methandienone is a synthetic steroid which is very popular amongst body-builders. You can avail Dianabol at It was formulated in 1955. It was sold with a name Anavar that was eventually discontinued. The steroid is still available in different parts of the world as Dianabol at The product is commonly consumed orally. It has an affinity towards androgen receptors and globulin. Methandrostenolone clearly is amongst the active testosterone derivatives. Alopecia (hair loss) and outburst of acne are the common side effects of this steroid. But this product helps fight problems like temporary infertility in men.

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NaposimTerapia- Dianabol (Methandienone) can be consumed orally. It effectively enhances our protein metabolism. Dianabol has extremely powerful androgenic and anabolic effect resulting in an increase in muscle mass in the users. Dianabol and its fusion proteins lead to positive nitrogen gain that has a good impact on our health. Dianabol reaches our bloodstream in an hour. But one should not consume this steroid for more than eight weeks at a stretch. One must get his health conditions evaluated by a reputed practitioner after having consumed the steroid for some time.

Dianabol DS- This is orally consumable with a noteworthy effect on protein metabolism. The steroid aids protein synthesis supporting protein accumulation in our system. It produces a strong androgenic and anabolic effect. Dianabol at has been on the market for decades. The introduction of new steroids could not diminish the popularity of this product. Experienced body-builders consume Dianabol in combination with certain other steroids, such as Enanthate or Cypionate.

Anabol, British Dispensary

Dianabol and Anabol are popular brand names given to Methandrostenolone. This is the best steroid for people participating in non-aerobics without the slightest of doubts. This boosts muscle-gain within a few weeks. Anabol users can feel visible changes in their physique in a reasonably fast period of time. The effect is, of course, dose-dependent. Anabol is also effective even at low dosages. Methandrostenolone should not be consumed for more than 7 weeks at a stretch. A long-term use may result in severe estrogenic side-effects. Its oral version is very potent in producing quick visible results.

Methandienone Tablet Genesis

Methandienone is a testosterone derivative that exhibits moderate androgenic and strong anabolic properties. This steroid was synthesized in 1960 and dominated the commercial markets very fast. Structurally similar to Anadrol 50, this is a powerful oral steroid which has certain side-effects to deal with. To start with, methandienone is estrogenic in nature. Gynecomastia can be a concern that people might have to deal with. It is logical to take pills early in the day before your training session starts. Dianabol at results in exceptional strength and muscle-gain, whenever consumed.


This steroid aids the synthesis of proteins and supports protein accumulation in our system. It has strong androgenic and anabolic effects. The additional mass or weight is derived from an increase in the tissues and in sensitive body fluid retention. Aromatization and water retention can be largely avoided by consuming tamoxifen simultaneously. Tablets can be consumed prior to meals to do away with gastrointestinal pains.