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Duromine – Speedy Weight Loss Pill

Weight loss and obesity have become topic of concern in today’s world. Although, there are too many methods and remedies, but not all are useful. Few local remedies are yoga, exercise, diet regimes. But, they take horrendously long time to show results. Thus, weight loss pills have been designed for this purpose. These weight loss pills act like miracle. They show result extremely quick and are being used by women, athletes, strength trainers as a supplement in their daily regime. The requirement of the nutritious diet and controlled eating is very essential though. One such pill is Duromine. It is the medicine for weight loss, freely available in Canada without the need of prescription.

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The Duromine pills are manufactured in the regions of Australia and New Zealand. They are in sale in other parts of the world under controlled way, that is, they are sold with prescription only. The Duromine pill is usually sold with various other brand names. However, the base ingredients are same. The average price is around 2$ per tablet. Duromine is a generic form of the pill Phentermine. In order to create time release effect, it contains raisin in its base compound. Within a period of five months, the pills aim to show a tremendous change in your physique. The ingredients in the pill help to suppress hunger and lose weight. They act as natural appetite suppressants. Since, you tend to eat less, you lose more weight. According to studies, most amounts of the people are obese because of binge eating disorder. A person who eats usually large amount of food within a short period of time is known to have binge eating disorder. Binge eating occasionally creates obesity in the human body. Learn about prescription information in Canada here.

Duromine Pill and Side-effects:

The company which developed Duromine was established in 2001. The Valeant Pharmaceuticals which is a part of iNova pharmaceuticals have found this pill. Duromine has an amazing achievement rate. It is usually prescribed by physicians too for patients who suffer from the obesity. Problems like high blood pressure, cholesterol and other issues caused by excess weight can be cured using this pill. Since all are inter-related, this pill works on all. It will be easy to lose around 40-50 pounds without any change in exercise, in a single cycle of consuming these pills. Thus, it is will be helpful for people who live a deskbound jobs. This pill can be consumed in the form of capsules in the dosages of 30mg, 15mg and 40mg. It can be taken once in a day under your physician direction. It must be consumed after breakfast in order to avoid any gastro-intestinal discomforts. It is recommended for age group of above eighteen or more.

Duromine has a nickname as “legal speed”, because it causes radical change in weight. Its active ingredient is Phentermine. Phentermine, however, has few side-effects. It may cause restlessness, agitation, stomach burns, increase in heart rate and blood pressure and nausea. According, to the Australian Medical Association, the ingredients should be tested for every three years. Though, there are few side-effects, it has been clinically approved and do not have any major serious consideration.