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Everyone Needs To Know About Neurochill – Best For Cognitive Tranquility

If you have any problems dealing with anxiety, stress or insomnia, it’s time to take action to get over it. You should not suffer from these for a long time. There might be medications prescribed but these cause negative side effects because of its ingredients which usually contains harmful chemicals.

Neurochill is specifically formulated with ingredients that are carefully chosen because of their good track record in cortisol modulation. The herbs and supplements are at a level that is proven to be effective in lowering the cortisol levels and also counter its effects on the person’s mind and body.

Neurochill Ingredients

The reason why Neurochill is a very effective product is because of its amazing ingredients. Since this is a product of Mind Nutrition, you are sure that this is 100% safe and legal which is why more and more Nootropic users are giving this product a try without doubting its results.


This is a natural phospholipid from soybeans. The phospholipids are very important for the cell membranes and also for the normal cellular function. This means that the cells in our body need adequate phospholipid levels. One of the benefits of this phospholipid is for cortisol modulation which is the one suppressing the immune system and also contributes to fat storage.

Bacopa Monnieri

Bacopa / Monnieri is an herb extract that can be found in India. Here, the extract is standardized and tested where it shows that it contains more than 50% active bacosides. Bacopa is a nootropic and also a mild adaptogen. The plant has many benefits and uses but it is known for its anxiolytic properties.

KSM – 66 Ashwagandha

This is a root-only extract of Ashwagandha. This is one of the most recent additions to Neurochill. Ashwagandha is an adaptogen with amazing nootropic properties. This is known to reduce anxiety, can lower cortisol levels, improves the cognitive function, and also normalizes the thyroid hormone levels.

BioPerine Extract

This is a black pepper extract. It is one of the most commonly combined compounds because it can improve the bioavailability. Bioperine is the branded piperine that has the patented status because of its ability to improve the bioavailability of most nutritional compounds.

Neurochill Usage Suggestion

When taking Neurochill as a dietary supplement, 2 capsules are ideal in the evening with a glass of water. It is best if you take this on an empty stomach between meals and an hour before bedtime. Remember not to exceed 4 capsules in 24 hours unless it is prescribed by a healthcare professional.

Dosage Suggestion

If you use Neurochill as a dietary supplement, it is advised to take 1 to 3 capsules whenever you feel like you need to relax your body and mind. It is best taken on an empty stomach between meals or an hour before bedtime. Remember not to exceed 6 capsules in 24 hours unless it is prescribed by your healthcare provider.

Mind Nutrition only uses the best-standardized ingredients in all of their products. You are assured that their products are free of any preservatives, yeast, gluten, starch, salt, and sugar. These products are also GMO-free. With their popular products like Neurochill, you are safe and it is proven to be 100% effective.