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Experience The Difference When You DIY Flavour Vapour Mixes

If you’re a DIY type of person, vaping will give you plenty of opportunities to practice your skills! Like a master chef, the fine art of blending your own unique and personalized flavour vapor e-juices can be a very rewarding experience. But to the uninitiated the world of DIY flavour vapor additives can be somewhat confusing. There are cool flavours, sweet flavours, sour flavours and everything in between. Adding a few too many drops of one thing can completely ruin an entire batch of e-juice but when you get it just right, the reward is a great vaping experience.

A DIY flavour vapor master uses e-juice flavour additives like a chef uses herbs and spices in cooking to create culinary delights. These herbs and spices can bring out certain qualities in the food by enhancing some ingredients and adding special finishing touches. There is a knack to doing it correctly and so it is with mixing your own flavour vapor e-liquids too. You should always start off by adding just a drop of any additive and then tweaking and refining until you have it just right. It’s also important to know what the various types of additives do. Like an experienced chef knows what herbs and spices do what.

A sweetening additive like will highlight certain flavours and bring them out. The other common sweetening additive Sucralose is quite different. It isn’t subtle at all. Using this is akin to adding sugar. It makes everything sweet and if you overdo it, you’ll wind up with an e-juice that is like over sweetened coffee. Start out by erring on the side of caution with both these sweeteners because it’s easier to add more as required.

For sour mixes Malic and Citric Acid are your go-to additives. They will bring out the sourness of certain elements in the juice. Experts recommend only using these additives with fruit and candy flavoured e-liquids as they tend to ruin most other types.

Acetyl Pyrazine gives a grainy, nutty flavor to an e-juice. It’s great with mixes like donuts, pie-crust, cookies, cereals and cracker recipes. And yes, we are still talking about flavour vapors! It helps bring out the yeasty, grainy flavor that you associate with the real article. But you can overdo this one too and end up with a flavour vapor that tastes very bready. Start with a drop or two and increase as required.

Vanillin is the vanilla essence of the flavor additive collection. It’s a single aroma additive and should only be used when you want the entire e-juice to have a vanilla flavor to it. It doesn’t work really well if you’re trying to bring out certain vanilla accents.

For a bubble or carbonated overtone, use Champagne. This one is great for some of the beverage and cocktail flavoured e-juices. It adds just the right amount of acidity and grapey overtone.

Then there are the cooling additives Koolada and Menthol. These require some skill to use correctly. Menthol of course gives that cool hit with an overtone of mint whilst Koolada produces the chill without the mintiness. Tread carefully with them though as they’re very strong and too much will completely overpower and ruin your batch of DIY flavour vapor.

Find Flavor Additives Friendly Online Vape Shops In Florida

When shopping online for vaping flavor additives, talk to the staff members at online vape shops in Florida about their experiences in using various types of flavor additives.