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Facts About Botox

Botox is a protein made from Botulinum toxin injected into your skin to improve tone and texture. Large amounts of Botulinum toxin can cause botulism, but doctors use it in small quantities for medical and cosmetic purposes. Dermatologists use it for therapeutic purposes to reduce facial wrinkles and lines and for medical purposes like easing chronic migraine and reducing overactive bladder symptoms. Rockville Centre Botox works by weakening specific muscles, leading to a smoother and younger look. Before you consider having Botox treatment, it is essential you understand the facts about the procedure, which include:

Botox is not a recent treatment

Botox treatment has become more prevalent in recent years, making people think it is a new technique. The primary ingredients of Botox have been known for over two hundred years. Botulinum toxin, the main component that makes Botox, was discovered by Dr. Justinus Kerner in the 1820s.

Botox has medical benefits

Other than cosmetic benefits, Botox can help to treat various medical issues. Botox injections can help calm your overactive sweat glands, relieving the humiliation of sweaty underarms. Botox treats migraines by preventing pain signals from reaching your nerve endings. It also helps to ease overactive bladder and alleviate chronic pain.

More men are getting Botox recently than before

Botox was once known to be primarily used on women. More men are embracing the treatment to gain a smoother and youthful appearance. Since the year two thousand, the number of men seeking Botox treatment has increased by over three hundred percent. Some men get motivation from partners while others from colleagues and friends.

Botox is a safe and effective treatment

Botulinum toxin is the key ingredient when making Botox injections. If the toxin is used in large amounts, it can lead to poisoning. Dermatologists use it in small quantities to treat cosmetic and medical problems. Research shows the treatment has a success rate of ninety-nine percent. You may experience minimal or no side effects.

Botox results are not permanent

Although the effects of Botox last for a long time, about three to four months, they are not permanent. You can get several treatment sessions to maintain your results for a more extended period. How you take care of your skin and skin type can also determine the longevity of Botox outcomes.

You can experience discomfort during the treatment

Botox injection can be a little discomforting. They can feel like pin pricking on your skin. The syringe used by your dermatologist to plug contents into your skin can make sounds like boots crunching on snow. Your doctor can apply an ice pack on your skin to ease the discomfort. The entire treatment takes about fifteen minutes, and the pain lasts about half an hour.

Botox results vary in every patient

Some factors like age, treated area, skincare routine, and the treatment sessions can lead to varying results in patients. Sometimes the Botox ingredients may take time to bind to nerve transmitters. The full results take about fourteen days. If you do not get your expected outcomes, you can get more injections after a few months.

Botox is an effective treatment with various cosmetic and medical benefits. Schedule an appointment at South Shore Vein and Aesthetic Medicine for Botox to improve your skin tone and texture.