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Five Oral Health Problems That May Develop If You Skip Your Routine Dental Checkups in Newton, MA

Dental professionals recommend that people schedule dental examinations every six months. Thus, you should see your dentist in northwest Newton, MA, twice every year for in-office cleanings and examinations, even if you have healthy teeth. A lot of patients wonder if a dental examination is truly necessary. After all, those who brush and floss their teeth regularly may have healthy teeth. But does this mean you can forego your dental checkups? What can occur if you skip your appointments? The following are issues you may have to deal with if you don’t see your dentist at least twice every year:

Bad Breath

Regardless of how diligently you brush and floss your teeth, you will not match the type of cleaning you can undergo at your dentist’s office. The reason is that your mouth has lots of areas you may not be able to clean properly during regular brushing and flossing. Plus, you may not be able to get rid of plaque, stains, and tartar completely from your teeth without professional techniques and tools. Both plaque and tartar have bacteria that can cause bad breath and other oral health issues when not addressed. 

Gum Disease

The formation of plaque and tartar along your gumline can cause gum tissue irritation and inflammation. These problems can cause these tissues to become more vulnerable to bacterial attacks. Also, they increase your risk of experiencing pain, gum bleeding, and tooth loss. 

Dental Cavities

Dental cavities are decayed parts of your teeth that form holes. Usually, they develop beneath a plaque or tartar layer. If you skip a dental cleaning appointment, plaque and tartar can linger longer, letting more cavities form. 

Dental examinations allow your dentist to examine your mouth, especially your teeth and gums. Skipping these exams allows trouble spots to fester longer before your dentist can catch them. This can lead to costlier dental treatments and more oral health issues over time. 

Tooth Loss

When left in your teeth and gums, plaque and tartar can result in gingivitis. If this condition is not treated, problems with your teeth or the gums that surround them become serious, causing periodontitis. If this occurs, you could experience tooth decay or tooth loss. 

Oral Cancer

If you are like other people, you probably do not check the inside of your mouth. But when abnormalities are discovered during dental checkups, this can save your life. Oral cancers are preventable when caught early. Routine dental cleanings allow your dentist to check your mouth for warning signs of oral cancer.