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Who goes through bloating and water retention??

It has been often seen that most of the athletes and bodybuilders ignore the warnings associated with non-medical usage of the anabolic androgenic steroids. The side effects of equipoise cannot be ignored. There are some steroids, which are meant to be used for veterinary purposes and are not meant for humans. But, these veterinary grade steroids are being used by the bodybuilders for their physical enhancement benefits, which would have otherwise be used for treatment of horses.

Equipoise is somehow similar to other androgenic as well as anabolic steroids. This steroid has a nature of the synthetic variation of testosterone, which may result in suppression of naturally produced testosterone. This is true for both animals as well as humans. The lack of production of testosterone in men may cause some of the side effects including possible infertility, decline in the quality of sperms, testicular atrophy, etc. The abuse or misuse of steroids also leads to some common side effects like bloating and water retention.

The women may experience Virilization or male characteristic side effects like:

  • Smaller breasts
  • Enlarged clitoris
  • Deeper voice
  • Cessation of menstruation
  • Changes in the skin texture
  • Growth of hair on the skin or on the body
  • Disruption of menstrual cycles, etc.

The bodybuilders do not consider any change among the human anabolic androgenic steroids and the veterinary grade steroids. They believe that they both produce the same results. The dosage of the steroid must be considered by an individual. However, the dosage for a thousand plus pound animal must not be recommended for an individual. There has been miscalculation of the dosage by the bodybuilders, which may lead to increased risk of life threatening side effects.

Equipoise is a steroid, which is generally used on horse species and is available in its intramuscular injection form. The use of this steroid is considered legal, when it has been prescribed by any veterinarian for the treatment of horses in order to:

  • Enhancement in gaining weight
  • Boosting the overall physical condition
  • Improving hair coat
  • Treating debilitation

The drug does not provide the results on its own, even though it is being used by the veterinary doctors. In order to enjoy its positive benefits, it is essential to follow optimal feeding practices, diet and drug management practices. The individuals using it without making appropriate research may get rid potential side effects on the reproductive behavior. This is not recommended to the stallions, pregnant mares, etc.

AS per the reviews, it has been confirmed that the Equipoise is not condoned for human use. But, being aware of this fact, most of the bodybuilders are make use of it and are willing to take this risk for the sake of their weight gain, muscle mass gains, physical benefits, etc. The individuals must follow the recommendation of a doctor, while intake of any such steroid, so as to get saved of the side effects like bloating or water retention. The individuals must know that it is not a fast acting steroid.