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Handling an Alcoholic Co-worker and Boss in Dallas, Texas

How to Deal with a Coworker Who Has Alcohol Issues 

Working with a coworker who displays signs of alcoholism or participates in alcoholic behaviors may be demanding on your professional and personal life. There are several methods to handle a colleague who displays signs of alcoholism.

Confronting the Coworker

If you choose to confront a colleague who exhibits signs of alcohol abuse or alcoholism, be ready. When speaking with people, it’s crucial to establish a balance between aggressiveness and passivity. It would be best if you conveyed your concern while yet acting professionally.

Your colleague or coworker could benefit from your explanation of the specific problems that have occurred as a result of their drinking. Additionally, reassure your coworker that you will support them if they want to get therapy.

When Should Intervention Be Made?

An intervention may be necessary if you see that a coworker is finding it difficult to handle the roles that go along with their employment. If you are responsible for an individual who appears to have an addiction to alcohol, you may have to caution them about the severe consequences they would experience if they refused help.

A professional approach must be taken, and any conflict with an employee must follow established protocols and any relevant employment laws. One such instance is informing a worker of a meeting that will be held soon; at this time, issues like attendance, misbehavior, and performance may be explicitly discussed.

A competent specialist should carry out any essential intervention. As directed by the interventionist, participating employees may discuss their own encounters with the consequences of their coworker’s drinking.

Counseling Services for Staff

Access to employee support programs may be made available by certain companies. The kind of services that come under this includes counseling and making recommendations to treatment centers, each of which is given in complete confidentiality.

What Can You Do If You Think Your Boss Has a Problem with Alcohol?

Much of the above discussed information has to do with identifying and handling an alcoholic boss or colleague. Suppose you are the boss of a worker who is acting in an alcoholic manner at work. In that case, you may have extra alternatives available to you, such as disciplinary action and, if necessary, termination.

If your boss is an alcoholic, your employment might be in danger. It’s difficult because, in most circumstances, you’d go to your boss if there was an issue at work. What if the problem was your employer, though?

The most common location to turn for workplace difficulties is human resources. They will handle the details you disclose with them with the utmost confidentiality. However, HR often steers managers away from discussing employee concerns with them and instead directs them to the Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Another alternative is to consult a psychiatrist or psychologist at the business or company.

Find the Best Treatment for Alcoholism in Dallas Today

If you, a friend, or an employee are struggling with alcohol abuse or alcoholism, help is available. Please visit Taylor Recovery Center if you or somebody you care about truly needs information about the many alternative treatments for addiction to alcohol or alcohol use disorder.