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Health Benefits with the Hydrogen Water

Hydrogen water, characterized by an improved formula, has caused an unprecedented excitement in recent years due to the uniqueness of its properties.

The Usefulness of the Water

The amazing reducing properties of hydrogen water, recognized as a powerful antioxidant, have been unconsciously used by mankind for many years – although the formation of miraculous drinking practically does not occur in the wild. After all, the process of liquid enrichment requires constant exposure to a powerful catalyst. 

The Freshwater Sources

For many years, water sources in the vicinity of Lourdes (France), Tlakote el Bajo (Mexico), Nadana (India) have been famous places for world pilgrimage. The consumption of these liquids allowed a large number of people to get rid of chronic diseases and return to a full life. 

Samples of the substance taken from these sources did not give results for a long time. No impurities were found in the healing water that would explain the incredible therapeutic effects, until the followers of the revolutionary hydrogen theory conducted additional tests. 

It was confirmed in a laboratory that the content of molecular hydrogen particles in “living water” was many times higher than the norm, which was another confirmation of the research of Japanese scientists.

Physically, ordinary drinking water, which is tasteless and odourless, is an inorganic compound of a binary type, the molecules of which include two hydrogen atoms and one carbon. Provided electrolysis is carried out with simultaneous saturation of water with gaseous hydrogen. 

This makes it possible to create a unique substance that is distinguished by special characteristics:

It is this indicator that determines the ability of hydrogen to selectively affect free radicals, in other words, providing a high antioxidant effect. It should be noted that the level of ORP of ascorbic acid, which has long been considered the most powerful antioxidant, is -120 mV. To put things in perspective, red wine is -80 mV.

  • Stable pH value.
  • The acidity level of hydrogen water is determined by the pH of the original liquid used for saturation.
  • High concentration of hydrogen, which is characterized by high “volatility”.

Due to the small size of the molecule, hydrogen can quickly penetrate through biological membranes, which makes it an effective “purifier” of the body, but precisely because of this, the storage of an enriched liquid is associated with significant difficulties. The content of the lightest gas in the water decreases every minute. Therefore, “living water” is sold in special aluminium boxes or thick glass bottles. Visit for more information on hydrogen water and its benefits.


Obtaining useful hydrogen water is possible at home, provided that a special generator is purchased. Household appliances that provide hydrogen saturation for drinking are mainly equipped with powerful filters, so they undergo a full cycle of preparing liquid for consumption. 

A significant drawback of the practice of using such devices is the impossibility of transporting hydrogen water without buying an expensive box. Molecular hydrogen evaporates from an ordinary sealed bottle in less than 10-15 minutes. Therefore, drinking a healing drink becomes possible only while staying at home.