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Improve The Wellbeing Of Your Employees

Staff wellbeing is becoming increasingly important in the corporate world. Employees are more attuned than ever to their mental and physical health needs in the workplace, and are seeking out positions where their wellbeing will be a high priority, rather than companies who don’t make an effort in this regard. A happy workplace creates employees who are happy to work hard and stick around over the long-term; a valuable asset for any business.

  1. Ensure healthy nutrition in the workplace. A good lunch break sets the tone for the whole afternoon, and the quality of that lunch could make a major difference to the performance of your employees. Not only will a healthy lunch help workers feel energised and refuelled for the day ahead, it’ll also contribute to their overall wellness. Use a contract catering company to supply nutritionally rich and balanced meals for your whole business.
  2. Encourage social activities. Social activities in the workplace outside of working hours (or during breaks) will encourage employees to build strong relationships with their colleagues. This improves emotional wellbeing amongst the staff and helps create a spirit of camaraderie in the office. A boost in morale can provide a much-needed positive shift in the office environment.
  3. Set up exercise facilities. Encouraging your employees to get plenty of exercise is key to overall wellbeing in the workplace. Setting up an office gym is a great way to build motivation, and supplies a perk that could attract talented new employees. If the space and resources for a company gym aren’t available, consider including discounted or free local gym membership for employees, or instituting an exercise competition challenge for the staff with tempting rewards.
  4. Make healthy snacks available. Snacking on nutritious foods throughout the day helps employees keep their physical and mental energy up as they work. Leave fruit bowls in the kitchen so staff members can grab some fruit during coffee breaks, and make it easy for employees to access filtered water so they can drink freely and stay hydrated.
  5. Invest in ergonomic furniture. Office furniture can help or hinder your workforce. Innovative ergonomic desk chairs and tables get your staff sitting comfortably, preventing chronic back problems and other common office injuries. These furnishings can be more expensive than the traditional alternatives, but they’re a worthwhile investment in the long run and should help keep the entire company feeling great.
  6. Be flexible on hours. It’s no good to be a walk over, but you’ll build a happier workplace with healthier employees if you allow some level of flexibility when it comes to hours and shifts. Encourage open communication between staff and senior management and make sure your employees understand that they can come to you with any problems they may be having with their work-life balance.
  7. Provide wellness-boosting sessions. Team training sessions can be useful for educating your employees on how they can manage their health better, and could be a good opportunity to demonstrate to your staff that management cares about their wellbeing. Organise sessions with expert speakers to discuss nutrition, fitness, emotional health, and other work-related health issues. The more information your employees have to help them improve their health, the stronger your team and business will be in the long-term.