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Intermittent Breathing against Stress: the Best Natural Remedy

There are many natural anti-stress strategies like doing your best to stay positive all the way, being grateful for all the good things and moments, etc. And one the most effective natural remedies is surely intermittent breathing. You may know that taking a deep breath help you calm down instantly but intermittent breathing is even more interesting because in addition, it helps breathe well all the time.

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Prevent and Reduce Stress with Intermittent Breathing

We all experience stress at some point during our lives. It is even a positive thing that helps us stay alert in dangerous situations. But sometimes, this form of malaise persists and becomes hard to cope with. As soon as you feel a surge of stress, remember that the way you breathe will help you get better. Today, we are going to talk about intermittent breathing which is a very effective natural solution to put an end to any form of stressful situation. Here is how to practice the right way.

How to Perform Intermittent Breathing?

Everyone needs to breathe to live. That is a fact that we all know. But what many people ignore is that breathing can also heal some health problems. Thus, when you get overwhelmed because of stress, intermittent breathing is the best solution. Doing this very simple exercise allows you to recover your peace of mind instantly and durably. To do so, draw air slowly through your nose in order to enter a large amount of oxygen in your lungs. Now, hold your breath for 4 to 6 seconds. Just breathe out as soon as you feel that you cannot stay in apnea in a natural way anyway. Exhale slowly and feel the malaise going out of your body and mind. You can find more about intermittent breathing on

The Benefits of Intermittent Breathing against Stress

Intermittent breathing is a respiratory method that serves to eliminate all the factors that have caused your stress. Like explained above, it consists of breathing slowly by blocking the breathing between inhalation and exhalation. In other words, it is about breathing almost normally but with breaks. This technique increases the volume of oxygen your cells absorb and enhance your metabolism process. In fact, when the body cells are deprived of oxygen for a few seconds, they absorb more of it the next time you breathe in. And having more oxygen in your cells allows you to better stay calm anytime.