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Keep away from the ‘Not-So-Healthy’ foods that claim to be healthy!

Staying healthy and keeping fit does not only come from exercising/working out on a daily basis. It actually depends on what you eat, or to say, your diet! More often than not, you give in to advertisements that talk of nutritious canned juices, or packed meals that promise to be super-healthy and helping you to lose weight. Wait a second, who are they fooling?

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Here in this article, we want to open your eyes regarding the ‘healthy’ foods that in reality cause havoc to your healthy body. We would also bring to your notice, how ordering these food items online has made it even more convenient for us, and in the process made us even lazier. The good part, however, is that online shopping has become so much more affordable. We request you to try ‘Coupon Hubfor better deals and discounts. Well yes, ensure to de-select the ‘not-so-healthy’ foods from your shopping cart!

Below is a list of the top 8 unhealthy items that you must stop consuming at the earliest. Read on.

1.    Salad dressing (fat-free)

When on a diet, salad is something you want now and then. While eating those veggies is a superb idea, and they help you to stay fuller for a more extended period, we agree it can get tedious to chew on the vegetables without a salad dressing!

There are many companies that claim to sell ‘fat-free’ salad dressing but let us not be tricked by them. A spoon of the stuffing can add up to about 20 calories, and it only increases when the number of spoons increases! It can interfere with your heart, health and blood pressure as well. Keep that thing away for best results.

2.    Canned fruit juices

Juices that you find in stores are harmful to your health. Period! They are high on sugar, artificial flavours, and water, and contain a minimal amount of real fruit, trust us! Even if they claim to be ‘real’ juices, do not fall for them! Buy raw fruits (available online these days as well, and don’t forget to visit Coupon Hub for great offers) and consume homemade juice instead.

3.    Flavoured yoghurt

While yoghurt can help you to stay full when you’re in an attempt to lose weight, eating it in moderation is mandatory, as some studies have revealed that too much of it can poke nose in your diet goals. Adding to that, ‘flavoured’yoghurt is trending now, and they are meant to add a twist to the otherwise dull taste of yoghurt.

There again! Keep away from that thing as they contain an enormous amount of sugar and will add no value to your health.

4.    Nuts (too many)

Yes, nuts and dry fruits are super nutritious and healthy, and you can chew on them when you have hunger pangs; but as we said before, you should consume these too in ‘moderation’. Too many nuts can aid in weight gain and can defeat your purpose of losing kilos!

5.    Protein/fibre bars

So many stores sell snack/protein/fibre bars that seem to be a healthy choice when you’re hungry and want to have a quick snack. What most of you forget is that not all such bars are healthy. Most of them contain too many calories which can lead to weight gain as they are high on sugar. Always check the calorie count and the other ingredients before munching on one!

6.    Creamy Soups

Soups are a good option only when they are made in your kitchen. Restaurant-bought creamy soups or canned soups or the packaged versions are a strict NO-NO! They are low in nutrition and high on artificial flavours and calories.

7.    Cereals

Refined grains and sugar that is what most processed foods, including your breakfast cereals contain. Though they will claim to be healthy and nutritious, don’t believe them especially when you’re on a weight loss mission!

8.    White bread

Whole-grain foods are supposed to be healthy, but the whole manufacturing process leads to white bread losing most of their nutrition and instead results in them containing many dangerous chemicals. They hardly have any nutrients and are also high on carbs. Stay away from them. You can choose brown bread instead, but do not have too many in one go!

Now that you know about the items that are not ‘healthy’ make sure you do not consume them while on a weight loss mission or otherwise. Stay healthy. We know you can do this!