Keep Your Pearly Whites Healthy With Dental Cleaning

Your smile is vital in social relationships as it creates the first impression and determines how people view you. Caring for your teeth is the first step toward maintaining your gorgeous smile. The Gentle Touch Dental PC recommends regular cleanings to preserve your white smile and prevents dental issues such as tooth decay.

An overview of dental cleaning

Poor oral hygiene can result in severe tooth decay, which can eventually cause tooth loss. While regular brushing and flossing keep your teeth clean and healthy, it is not enough. Plaque, tartar, and bacteria may hide in hard-to-reach places only dental cleaning can reach.

Although many dental practices recommend twice-a-year dental cleaning sessions, people with a high risk of decay should get professional cleaning more often. Pregnant women, children, and adults with medical conditions like diabetes and people with periodontal disease should also get regular dental cleanings. Your provider will create a dental cleaning schedule depending on your unique oral needs.

What a dental cleaning appointment involves

Dental cleaning refers to more than scraping plaque and tartar from your teeth. During your appointment, your provider performs a thorough oral and physical exam of your neck and facial area. The exam may include measuring your temperature, pulse, respiration, and blood pressure. The team may also review your dental history for more information. Your dental specialist may also order imaging tests like X-rays to determine any abnormality that may require referral to a specialist.

Afterward, they use cleaning equipment, water, and suction to scrape tartar and plaque from your pearly whites. Your provider then uses a special toothpaste and mechanical toothbrush to polish the teeth before flossing. Sometimes your doctor may order oral cancer screenings during your visit.

What your mouth will feel like after dental cleaning

The lingering effects of dental cleaning depend on the amount of scaling done and the cleaning equipment used. You may have a funny feeling in your mouth that goes away after a while. You are bound to be excited by the plaque-free and smooth texture when you touch your teeth with your teeth. After the procedure, your dental hygienist may instruct you how to brush and floss to keep your teeth healthy. They may also advise against smoking and give you nutritional advice to strengthen your teeth. You can also ask your doctor how long you should wait before eating or drinking after your treatment.

How you can benefit from dental cleanings

Dental cleanings are a big step toward keeping your teeth clean and healthy and preventing dental problems that could cost you your teeth. During your visits, your dental hygienist and dentist can screen for problems before they become complicated. Some of the issues regular cleanings prevent, include infection, gum disease, cavities, and decay.

 Medical research shows that heart and oral health are interconnected, and regular cleanings can also prevent systemic problems resulting from gum disease. Healthy teeth translate to overall wellness, and dental cleanings are a vital part of the oral care routine.

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