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Looking for Sildenafil Online? Read These 5 Fast Facts First

BlueChew is a service that helps men get chewable erectile dysfunction (ED) tablets delivered straight to their door. ED affects about 30 million men in the US alone, and doctors worldwide are used to helping patients find solutions that work for them.

With all the chatter and all the information out there about this common condition, interested parties might assume that there are no misperceptions about how the medication works, how they should get it, or what’s the best way to use it. However, such assumptions would be incorrect. If users are searching for how to buy Sildenafil online (the active ingredient in Viagra), they may want to learn a little more before placing an order.

  1. Consumers need to start with a licensed medical professional

Yes, it’s not always fun to discuss ED with people. Users will have no problem finding someone who will sell Sildenafil without first making them consult with a licensed medical professional first. But that comes with consequences. ED treatments, whether in the form of a tablet or an herbal supplement, can potentially mess with the body in ways users could never have predicted. A good provider can’t prevent every disaster, but they can at least cut back on the odds.

  1. Not all ED meds are the same

It would be easy to assume that Viagra and Cialis are identical. However, the active ingredients are different, as are the dosages and the instructions for using each one. Sildenafil stays in the system for about 6 hours, meaning it’s good for a romantic night, whereas Tadalafil stays in the system for 36 hours, making it better for a three-day weekend. These aren’t the only two on the market, so it’s important not to make assumptions about all ED meds.

  1. Users may experience side effects

If users buy Sildenafil online, even if it’s from a reputable company like BlueChew, they may experience lightheadedness, back pain, congestion, or sleep disruption. In very rare cases, users may have an erection lasting more than 4 hours or experience major changes in their vision. Sildenafil takes about an hour to kick in, and users are highly encouraged to eat something with it to help the body absorb the medication more efficiently. Users should take note of any changes they may be going through after ingesting the tablet. (BlueChew adds the proverbial spoonful of sugar by giving users a chewable way to take Sildenafil.)

  1. ED Pills like Sildenafil Won’t Increase Sex Drive

This is a somewhat interesting claim, as the whole point of ED pills is to make it easier for blood to flow to the penis. Knowing this, users might reasonably conclude that it helps sex drive. However, if someone is not actually having a romantic moment, then they’re unlikely to experience an erection. Sildenafil simply makes it possible to have intercourse when the time is right. This is probably one of the biggest misperceptions in the public eye when they think of ED medications, and it’s important to set the record straight, so men don’t get the wrong impression.

  1. BlueChew Makes It Possible to Order Sildenafil Online

BlueChew is a service that cuts back on the work that men need to go through when they’re ready to take action about their ED. The company doesn’t make people drive to the neighborhood doctor that they’ve been seeing for years or stop by a pharmacy on the corner. They don’t have to drive miles out of their way if they must live in a rural area, either. Men simply give BlueChew their information, set up a virtual consultation with a licensed medical professional, and then choose a subscription plan.

Members get tablets delivered in discreet packages every month to feel a little more like themselves. ED doesn’t just affect romantic relationships; the feelings can seep into everything from work to everyday life. Doing something about it may not always be as intuitive as men might like, but BlueChew takes care of the details so users can relax.