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The methods of use –Anvar and Tren.

Around the world there are people who are known to use Anvar and tren for a better body building activity. However the use of these products entails a number of laws that you need to follow. Every country has a different set of rules and laws for the use of steroids. Without a proper knowledge of the products you cannot be secured that you are away from danger. Illegal possession of these drugs might land you in jail, under the claim of housing addictive drugs and abuse of law. It is hardly seen that one would combine the anabolic and the androgenic steroid for the purpose of body building. But a few people might resort to this process to secure better body building. But before combining these two, one must have a proper idea revolving around the Anavar, Test & Tren.


It is told that you need to consult a doctor once you decide to use the products called steroids. The testing of your body condition is necessary to evaluate if you are fit to take those drugs or should avoid them. Tests conducted under specialists reduces the life risk of these drugs on you, if you should have a severe health condition. To be more specific, it also allows you to know about the dosage you could take and the frequency in which you could use the steroids.

Cutting cycle method

Anvar, test and tren forms a major portion of the cutting cycle phase. If you keep stacking the steroids you should also know how to reduce its use in due course of time and should also know how to stop the use of the product completely. Owing to biological considerations, you  must acknowledge that how a woman’s biology might differ from that of a man, you also need to know the difference of dosages between a man and a woman. For an example please follow the following analysis:

  • Women have a periodic cycle hence, they need to keep doing modifications to their dose.
  • Women have different hormones in their body as compared to their male counterparts.

Uses of the Tablets

Anavar is known as the most popular synthetic anabolic androgenic steroid that has been known to produce a moderate anabolic property and can also decrease the potential required for triggering several androgenic effects in the human body.It has a chemical name –oxandrolone. Like other steroids , the steroid Anavar and Tren  are also generally available in oral tablet form and comes in a variety of milligram strengths depending on the wish and guidelines of the manufacturer.The Brand name Anavar/oxandrolone product generally comes in the form of the  2.5 mg tablets. Other manufacturers are known toproduce  theoxandrolone tablets in  the5 mg and 10 mg tablets.Anavar, likeany  other anabolic androgenic steroids, is known to produce an array of positive benefits in the human body. In the medical world it is sometimes used to cure respiratory distress and asthama.