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Micro-suction Earwax Removal – benefits

Benefits of Microsuction Ear Wax Removal | Camden Opticians

Micro-suction earwax removal is the technique used to remove the earwax by using a microscope and the medical suction device to suck the wax out of the ear. A thin steel fitting is fitted to the end of the suction tube. It allows to gently sucking the ear wax from the ear canal.

Micro suction is the process that is accepted across the medical profession and is considered to be a safe and comfortable method of removal of earwax. The technique does not include using any liquids and creating any fuss or mess during the procedure.

The procedure is much safer as the ear canal is observed throughout the process of wax removal. It is the technique that is comfortable and is completed within minutes.

Benefits of opting for the micro-suction for removing ear wax

Ear wax is flushed out of the ear by viewing the ear canal directly through the microscope unlike the ear syringing or ear irrigation. And hence, it is medically considered as the quicker, safer and comfortable procedure for both the patient and the doctor. 

Other benefits include – 

No ear drop needed –

Micro suction is the procedure that does not require the ear drops applied inside the ear to remove the ear wax.

No Messy Water Used – 

 As discussed earlier, the water or any other solution is not used to flush the ear wax out from the canal, which is the dry procedure. Hence is it said to be the significantly reduces the risk of infection

Safe for Perforations-

It is safe for people who have a perforated eardrum or mastoid cavity unlike the ear syringing and ear irrigation method. The foreign object that might have lodged inside the ear canal can also be sucked out easily.

Limitations of micro-suction procedure:

Though the benefits of micro-suction are many, there are some disadvantages too. Microscope or loupes might give a narrow view. The patient needs to re-adjust the positioning for a clearer view if need be.

Though micro-suction ear wax removal is said to be safe and well-tolerated, there is no treatment for ear wax that is completely risk-free, as there is the possibility of the damage and trauma to the ear canal and eardrum due to suction. This is an exceptionally rarer event that is caused by the sudden movement of the patient.

Micro suction is a noisy procedure. But the latest technology uses the suction pumps that are much quieter than the earlier ones.

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