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Powerful Masteron Cycles for Hardening and Chiseling Physique

For anabolic users Masteron cycle is exciting. In general, it is used in a cutting phase. However, you will need to consider the cycle length and use it alone or in stack because these aspects will influence the dosage.

In medical environment, Masteron [Dorstanolone propionate] is used to treat breast cancer. Its capacity to increase muscle hardness or viscosity, mass size, and strength is found appealing in the bodybuilding and athlete community.

Two main functions of Masteron

  1. Aesthetic enhancement effect
  • It is an aromatase inhibitor as well as anti-estrogen.
  • Reduces potential subcutaneous water retention, which hinders muscle mass view underneath.
  • This causes chiseling or hardening effect on the body.

To attain this effect to the fullest, the user needs to maintain body fat percentage at low level or the cycle will be useless.

  1. Improve results of other AAS used in stack
  • Masteron holds mild anabolic rate, so it is a little stronger than usual Testosterone.
  • It is regarded as a supporter that boosts other anabolic substances function used in the stack.
  • It does not dilute the power of other anabolic substances used in the stack because of its capacity to prevent SHBG from attaching to them.

For bodybuilding goal, it is crucial to use Masteron in stack before competition, where aim is to get more defined muscles and viscosity in opposition to large size gains.

Powerful Masteron cycles

The durations of strength-boosting cycle for top athletes using Masteron can be determined on user’s experience of AA steroids.

For beginners

Beginners can opt for 6 -12 weeks Masteron cycle.

  • Masteron – 400 mg in a week consistently till end
  • Testorone enanthate – 300 to 500mg weekly till end

This is a moderate cutting plan, which can be tolerated well for beginners.

For Intermediate

The intermediate Masteron cycle is for 1-10 weeks

  • Testosterone Propionate – 100 per week throughout
  • Masteron – 400 mg in a week throughout the 10 week cycle
  • Anavar – 50 mg/day for 1-8 weeks

This cycle is ideal for steroid users with experience at all levels.

For Advanced

Advanced Masteron cycle lasts for maximum 10 weeks.

  • Testosterone Propionate – 100 per week all the way through
  • Masteron – 400 mg in a week all through the 10-week cycle
  • Trenbolone acetate – 400 mg weekly for the whole cycle

Advanced cycle is a hardcore plan, especially for most veteran bodybuilders. It is beneficial to body builders, who desire to compete at high level.

The accepted Masteron dosage for every user is maximum 400 mg in a week. So, make sure to consult a doctor and ensure your health state before starting on Masteron.