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Procedure and Precaution to be taken after Wisdom Teeth Removal Surgery

Known as third molars, wisdom teeth are the last set of molars that are generally experienced by certain age group of people aged between 17 to 25 years. Most often wisdom teeth comes out with little pain nevertheless lack of space required for growing teeth, the teeth get stuck in or impacted. This may cause infection and tenderness in and around the gum tissues that acts as shell for impacted tooth. Other symptoms like puffy red gums, throbbing and arduousness in jaw makes you feel like sick. Teeth adjoining the wisdom teeth may also get infected and can develop inflammation of gums. Sometimes impacted tooth can form cyst and mutilate adjacent gums, bones and teeth. In this situation dentist prescribes antibiotic medicines to avoid any kind of mouth infection. But in most cases dentist recommends Wisdom Teeth Removal Sydney as the only perpetual solution.

Tips on How to Care Your Teeth after Surgery

After going through a painful mouth infection due to impacted wisdom teeth, it’s advisable to remove your wisdom teeth at the earliest. You need to take precautions and will be advised to get complete rest for a specific period of time.  Several painkillers will be prescribed for a week post-surgery. Bleeding and swelling of jaw is very common and gradually decreases after four to five days. Eat soft food and rinse your mouth with warm water from the very first day after the surgery. Avoid touching or rubbing the area with your tongue and fingers. Evade smoking for at least for 24 hours and continue to brush your teeth and tongue on regular basis. You dentist will let you know about the possible impediments, risk or side-effects that you may face after surgical procedure. If you have any query related to the surgical procedure, you can take experts opinions. For more brief you should consult the hospital staff and surgeon about your treatment.

Procedure of Removing Wisdom Teeth

In general, removal of wisdom teeth is alike other procedure of teeth extraction. A pair of dental forceps and a straight instrument is used to enlarge the tooth socket. The teeth will be moved until it loses its grip. In severe cases, a cut is formed in the gums and sometimes bones are also removed. The entire procedure takes 30 to 60 minutes of time. The opening is sealed with stiches which may completely dissolve after few days.

How Much Does the Surgery Cost?

Cost of Wisdom Teeth Removal in Sydneydepends upon the condition of patients. Tooth abstraction may vary in different hospital and clinics. Generally the price for per tooth removal comes between $150-$350. These charges are exclusive of the cost of sedation, X-Ray and other oral surgical supplies. Impacted Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost Sydney is quite higher in comparison to extraction of vented or broken teeth. If you are having dental insurance you may receive 15% reimbursement or fifty percent of the treatment cost will be paid to you after submitting all the necessary documents.