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Promoting Regenerative Medicine via Content Marketing

Doctors who complete stem cell and PRP training through the Advanced Regenerative Medicine Institute (ARMI) leave their facilities armed with the knowledge to offer safe and effective treatments to their patients. They are also armed with a basic understanding of how to market regenerative medicine. Why does the ARMI teach marketing techniques? Because it is a big part of introducing PRP and stem cell therapies to patients.

ARMI-trained clinicians either own their practices or work as part of a group practice. None of those practices can survive without a steady stream of revenue. Stem cell and PRP therapies offer an additional source of revenue by providing alternative treatments. Patients need to know this.

To that end, the ARMI provides doctors with introductory training geared toward helping them understand how to market the procedures they learned during training. One of the things they focus on in that training is content marketing.

Defining Content

Content marketing is a form of marketing that occurs online. It is rooted in the principle of producing content. What is content? It is the substance of a website. The article you are reading right now contributes to the total substance of this website. As such, it is content.

In simple terms, content consists of blog posts, news articles, informational pieces, videos, and other files that present information to website visitors. It is most of what visitors see when they visit a website. This suggests that content is one of the most critical aspects of site engagement.

Defining Content Marketing

If content consists of the information that a website presents to visitors, then content marketing is a means of using that information for marketing purposes. Once again, this article is being used as a form of content marketing.

The article was written with a focus on a particular topic and its associated keywords and phrases. Constructing the article this way does a number of things. First, the keywords and phrases are used in such a way as to increase the chances that visitors will find this article while doing a web search on certain terms.

Assuming that happens, the article then serves the purpose of improving how this website performs across a variety of web searches. That leads to more website traffic as visitors find this site during their searches. Finally, that leads to visitors obtaining information from this site – information that will hopefully encourage them to make a positive decision about that information.

Promoting Your Practice

If you are involved in regenerative medicine at the clinical level, consider learning how to promote your practice through content marketing. It is not as intimidating as it sounds. The place to start is with blog posts and informational articles.

A well-written post based on sound reasoning can be quite informative. If it is written with SEO principles in mind, it can drive traffic, engage with visitors, and improve the reputation of your practice online.

The key to producing well-written, productive posts is knowing how to write. This goes further than just knowing how to string words and sentences together to create paragraphs. Good writing for marketing purposes requires a bit more.

If you do not know how to write for marketing purposes, you have one of two options. You can either learn or hire professional writers who specialize in content marketing. Being that you are busy with your clinical practice, the latter is probably the better option.

You can use content marketing to promote your regenerative medicine practice. Indeed, you should. Content marketing is a powerful tool for bringing new patients into your practice family.