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Reasons Why You May Gain Weight

Losing some extra pounds goes a long way in improving your health. However, you may find it hard to maintain a healthy weight because of certain habits you may be practicing. Do not feel discouraged because the weight management Lady Lake program offers practical knowledge about what can trigger weight gain and how to avoid it. The options may be many and seem daunting, but they will work in your favor if you keep up regularly. You can explore the article below to learn about certain weight gain practices.

Eating a Lot of Highly Processed Foods

You may consume a diet consisting of fast food, unhealthy fats, preservatives, microwave dishes, and sugary cereals. Such diets increase your risk of gaining weight. Instead, you can decide to eat nutritious and tasty meals, including vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. You can incorporate lots of protein into your diet to reduce appetite so you will eat just the right amount of food. Additionally, proteins help regulate weight loss results because they reduce hormones that cause hunger.

Living an Inactive Lifestyle

You will likely gain weight if you are inactive and prefer to watch TV, stay on screens all day and work at a desk job. Rather, decide to make lifestyle changes that involve staying active such as regular exercise. Your doctor can recommend aerobics like dancing, swimming, and weight-lifting exercises to help you burn more calories. Exercising for a few minutes can significantly improve your chances of maintaining a healthy weight. You can begin with simple activities like taking daily walks, using the stairs instead of lifts, cycling to walk, and limiting screen time.

Insufficient Sleep

You require sleep for your overall well-being. Therefore, getting inadequate sleep may lead to unintentional weight gain. Depriving yourself of enough sleep can interfere with healthy weight management results. Therefore, you can try adding more hours to your sleep by adjusting your sleeping habits. Try reducing screen time before bed, creating a regular sleep schedule, and limiting caffeine at night. You may need at least seven hours of sleep every night if you are seeking to manage a healthy weight.

Underlying Medical Conditions

You may likely gain weight if you have undiagnosed medical concerns that affect your eating behaviors. Examples of such medical conditions may include depression, leading to you eating without making healthy choices. You may also have a binge eating disorder where you cannot control your eating and tend to eat a lot more, thus leading to weight gain. Lastly, conditions like hypothyroidism and PCOS may affect your ability to lose weight when you seem to be gaining more instead. Therefore, regular checkups may benefit you so you can get a diagnosis and treatment.

Contact Integrated Family Medical Center today to begin your journey towards a healthy weight management program. The facility will help you identify the main trigger of your weight gain and then offer you several suggestions you can try to improve your results. You will also get support throughout your weight management journey. Visit the website to make your appointment.