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Revolutionizing Vision: An Introduction to EVO ICL Surgery

As in any laser refractive surgery, the principle is based on a modification of the cornea’s shape under the laser’s action. The modification of the shape of the cornea depends on the type of visual defect to be treated; for example, in the context of myopia, the laser will remove tissue to flatten the center of the cornea, while in the context of hyperopia, the laser will thin the peripheral cornea to make the center bulge.

Unlike the surface laser or PKR, during which the laser acts on the cornea’s surface, the laser is directed in the technique of lasik in the cornea’s thickness, at the stroma’s level. To do this, before correcting the visual defect with the Excimer laser, you must use a Femtosecond laser which will cut out a corneal flap about 100 microns thick. Once completed, this flap will be lifted to expose the corneal stroma on which the Excimer laser will be applied; then, at the operation’s end, this flap will be repositioned.

ICL is a high-tech intraocular lens that provides excellent optical quality for patients with high degrees of myopia and astigmatism. ICL lenses may also be well suited for treating some selected cases of keratoconus. High-precision, fully reversible visual correction

Surgery on Discover Vision for example to implant ICL lenses, in addition to being extremely precise, does not change the ocular structure in any way, being completely reversible. The lenses can be removed at any time or remain in the eye indefinitely.

Surprising results in the correction of myopia and astigmatism. Unique freedom experience for patients. The EVO Visian ICL is the evolution in visual correction designed to provide excellent refractive results and increase patient comfort. Here you can get evo icl surgery near me.

Some advantages of ICL lenses:


  • Does not cause dry eye syndrome
  • ICL lens implant treatment does not involve the removal of corneal tissue.
  • Therefore, it does not cause Dry Eye Syndrome.


  • Protection against UV rays
  • Lenses work as a UV protection barrier.
  • Effect guaranteed by the unique properties of Collamer.


  • Compatible and removable
  • ICL implantation or removal occurs without corneal tissue removal with 100% biocompatibility. Collamer, the material in EVO Visian ICL lenses, is no stranger to the chemical nature of the ocular system.


  • Fast procedure. Smooth recovery.
  • The procedure lasts between 20 and 30 minutes. In a few days, the patient can resume daily activities.


  • Wide range of prescription
  • Evo Technology supports corrections of up to 18 degrees.


CollamerĀ® is a unique material that contains collagen; that means the lens is designed to be in harmony with your eyes.

  • Candidate profile for treatment with ICL lenses
  • Be over 21 years old;
  • Have not presented any change in prescription of more than 0.5 degrees in one year. Your case should be analyzed if you have already had refractive surgery with a laser.