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Seeing an Orthopedic Doctor: Why It’s Essential as You Get Older

The human body must be continuously maintained, so it can stay strong. As you age, the more you must pay attention to your body if you want to stay healthy. While your body maintains itself constantly by creating new cells to replace the old ones, its ability to make new cells decreases as you get older. This results in increased vulnerability and susceptibility to injuries. 

This can particularly happen in your muscles and joints as they tend to get the majority of wear and tear from daily activity. To maintain optimal health and strength later in life, you should schedule a visit with an orthopedic doctor like dr. timothy kavanaugh. Keep reading to know why you should see this doctor as you age:

Age Causes Changes in Bone Tissue

As you age, your bone tissues lose density and may not be able to rebuild themselves as effectively as before. Also, age causes these tissues to lose the minerals your bones need to stay strong. As a result, your bones become brittle and prone to fracture, increasing your risk of falls and severe injuries. 

Orthopedic doctors can recommend helpful exercises and supplements, educate you about nutrition, and prescribe medications to support the ability of your body to retain calcium. Also, your body needs vitamin D for proper calcium absorption. 

You Can Undergo Joint Changes as You Get Older

Your joints have soft cartilage tissues that give cushion between your bones whenever you move. If the cartilage is worn down in your joint following years of movement, you can suffer from osteoarthritis. Also, osteoarthritis can be suffered by young athletes following repetitive joint motions. 

Mitigating the pain, stiffness, and swelling of arthritis involves the administration of pain-relief injection treatment into the joint. For advanced or debilitating arthritis, a joint replacement may be the best option. This procedure gets rid of the damaged tissues and structures in the joint and uses prosthetic materials to replace them. These materials work like the original joint. 

Age Can Leave You Dealing with Muscle Changes

As you get older your muscle fibers will not be as elastic and strong as they were before. Also, your muscles can lose tone and may not contract properly anymore due to neurological changes. Your orthopedic doctor can keep your muscles strong by creating a personalized treatment plan and letting you perform some targeted exercises. Your body is unique, so you cannot depend on generic solutions. You must visit an orthopedic doctor because they know what exactly must be done to keep your body strong and healthy as you age.