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Simple Tips from Professional Podiatrists to Avoid or Treat 6 Common Foot Problems

Several of your foot problems arise due to wrong footwear which lack support around heel, arch and ankle and as suggested by most foot doctor lake st. louis mo, you should reduce your time of wearing them.

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If you should wear them you can make them safer and more comfortable with arch support insoles which are discreet and will fit quite any shoe.

Inserts can also help either prevent or reduce pain in back, ankle and knee which arise when your body lacks proper arch support.

Another trick is to stretch your feet, calves and ankles at the end of every day and your discomfort will be reduced.

Expert podiatrist Sydney City from ModPod Podiatry shares here simple solutions on some common feet problems. Read them and you’ll never have sore feet.

1. Use Antiperspirant for Sweaty Feet

They are not only stinky – sweaty feet can also form cracked heels, flaky skin and even fungal infection.

There are around 250,000 sweat glands in each of your toes. All of them can produce as much as half a pint of sweat every day.

Spray your feet with an antiperspirant/deodorant each morning and night to minimise this perspiration. The metals in the spray will block your sweat ducts.

2. Treat Shoe-bite with the Right Bandage

Do you always face a new shoe-bite? You may get a peace of mind with special blister bandages that will keep your feet problems away.

These are a little costlier than regular bandages and are squishy and liquid-filled. They condition your skin and form a barrier to reduce the friction that may cause a blister.

Just place them on wherever your shoe is biting. They will eliminate rubbing and also protect any existing blister. You can even wear them with flip-flops because they are so discreet.

3. Cover Blisters Properly

Every podiatrist is strictly against popping a blister when despite your best efforts it erupts. It’s because a popped blister is a lot more prone to catch infection.

The solution is to apply an antibiotic cream and then a bandage on the area. Within a few days, it should heal.

In case, if it’s really bad, e.g. blood-filled or large, see your podiatrist at once because it could catch an infection.

4. Try a Vinegar Bath for Itchy Feet

When an infection develops, you should try a foot bath of white vinegar or malt. It doesn’t cure infection but will pacify the annoying itch.

Later to cure it, you should take fungal nail infection treatment according to ModPod Podiatry and even your trusted podiatrist will advise the same.

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5. Eliminate the Risk of Cancer by Using Sunblock to Your Feet

Several people don’t think it necessary to apply sunblock to their feet’s top. But according to podiatrists, you should never fail to use it in the summer as there is an increase in skin cancer patients in the last five years.

Generously apply a sunblock with at least 30 SPF on your feet’s top and bottom and between toes.

6. Kill Athlete’s Foot with Baby Powder

Podiatrists think that the best way to kill any fungus that may grow in closed shoes is to dust the shoes with baby powder, foot powder or cornstarch.

It not only protects your feet from infection but also freshens up the shoes.

Several people take no notice of itchy feet and toes. However, if your feet are looking scaly and continuously itching, there’s a high possibility that you’ve caught athlete’s foot or some other infection.

Remember to avoid going barefoot or wearing flip-flops towards public pools as well as locker rooms since these moist warm surfaces are thriving grounds of bacterial infection and warts.

Kids too should be watched properly for these infections near these surfaces.

Follow these simple tips and your feet will remain safe, soft and beautiful always.