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Take Part in Organ and Tissue Donation and Save a Precious Life

Your body comprises of many organs which perform different functions. All these organs are systems of cells as well as tissues which are allotted particular jobs, such as digestion, respiration etc. The capability of these organs for performing specified tasks gets lessened with age. The vital organs which experience this deterioration are mainly, kidneys, lungs, and heart. Generally, these organs do deteriorate besides the whole body. When an organ gets struck by different diseases and suffers from deterioration, then it requires treatment, for example, dialysis works for the deteriorating kidney. But, unfortunately, if all the treatments do not bring positive results, then organ transplantation turns as the best alternative.

In the procedure of organ transplantation, the damaged organ gets replaced with a strong and healthy one. However, sometimes, it becomes difficult to find an organ donor. Then, the only source available to you is to look for people who have registered their names for organ donation. The worst part is there aren’t many people who wish to be donors. Sometimes, it has been seen that a patient died waiting for an organ donor. The Organ & Tissue Donor Network works to make every organ and tissue donation successful.

Options for getting a donor

At times the waiting time for getting an organ gets very long and then, the patients instead of waiting for the waitlist turn to friends and family members for help. This process is known as the living donation. In the process of living donation, kidneys are donated. Recently, parts of lungs and liver were also donated and the portion of the organ which was taken regenerated so that there isn’t any chance of harm. For making organ transplantation successful you have to follow a suitable match. The donated organs get matched for different criteria, like tissue type, blood type, and immune status.

However, there are other factors too, like the time spent plus medical emergency. The limitation is for those patients who have been detected with Cancer or HIV or with diseases which cause bacterial infection in their bloodstream. The demand for transplant is always higher and patients always feel a deficiency of organs and this is the reason; voluntary organ donation has turned important. The best part is, a person irrespective of his age can donate his organs and tissues and many people treat donation as a noble deed to save someone’s life.

How to become a donor yourself?

If you turn into an organ and tissue donor you can save countless lives. For this, you must agree in donating your organs, like pancreas, liver, heart, lungs, kidneys, and small bowel post your death. You can also donate one of your two kidneys or a part of your lung or liver when you are still alive. An Organ & Tissue Donor Network encourages donating features, like tendons, skin, bone, whole eyes, heart valves and corneas to improve the life of a person who has been suffering from mobility or vision problems or a person who suffer on account of burns.