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The Restorative Benefits of Ultratooth Dental Implant

Getting dental implants for your missing teeth can be exhausting as you will need more than one session for a complete treatment. However, you can choose to go to an implant dentist Orlando, FL, for an ultra tooth dental implant procedure. The treatment requires only one session to give you a complete restoration, thus saving you time. You can smile naturally without feeling fearful that you have a missing tooth. Choose this procedure and avoid the hassle of everyday need for dental implants.

What are Ultratooth Dental Implants?

Ultratooth implants replace missing teeth and are unique because you can have them on the same day your dentist performs a tooth extraction. They have a special and different design from traditional dental implants. Their posts are expandable and resemble the Eiffel Tower when they open up. The expansion ability of Ultratooth offers more surface coverage than traditional posts in dental implants, thus giving you full support almost immediately.

What Happens During an Ultratooth Replacement Procedure?

Your treatment will begin with an oral exam to check your dental history and health. Your doctor may need to perform imaging tests, including an X-ray, to check for your oral health, jaw, and dental bones. You may need grafting before the procedure, especially if your bones are insufficient to support the new implants. Your doctor will then administer local anesthesia and places Ulta Tooth implants for every missing tooth. The implants have a crown which makes biting and chewing more comfortable. You can continue your regular activities after your dentist completes the implant process.

What are the Benefits of Ultratooth Dental Implants?

Replacing your missing tooth with an Ultratooth dental implant has several benefits, including the following.

Quick Procedure

You need only one visit to get your implant into the space of your missing teeth. The replacement can happen on the same day you get a tooth extraction, even if you need to replace more than one tooth.

Immediate Use after Treatment

Ultratooth dental implants offer the comfort of knowing that you can eat normally immediately after treatment. The implant has expansion points that allow your jawbone to heal around it while offering you the comfort of using them immediately. You will not have to wait for complete jawbone healing before resuming its use.

Durable Results

The implant results last long, especially if you maintain their hygiene correctly. You can almost stay a lifetime without considering getting another dental implant.

Easy to Maintain

Dental implants require little to keep them maintained. You can practice regular dental hygiene tips, including brushing and flossing, to clean the implants. Care for them as your natural teeth by avoiding hard bites that may cause chipping.

Restoring your Natural Smile

Ultratooth dental implants have a custom crown that looks like your natural teeth. Therefore, your smile will remain natural.

You can schedule your replacement for a missing tooth with Ultratooth dental implants at Orlando Center For Cosmetic Dentistry. The procedure happens quickly with minimal pain. You can return home and keep living your normal life. You can enjoy the benefits of this new treatment and avoid the regular planning for dental implants. Schedule your appointment online today.