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Holidays are up and your plans are in place. The destination has been decided, tickets have been booked and activities have also been charted out. Traveling with family is not just the best way to unwind, but it is also a great way to connect and enjoy new experiences together.

As much as planning the vacation is important, it is crucial to plan your travel too, especially when your travel mates are your babies & kids. A handy checklist will keep all your stress at bay, keeping a tab on all the necessary things during travel – just about what every parent needs!


It is a good idea to carry another bag or a small suitcase for your child. Older kids especially love to wheel their suitcases and take responsibility of their bags. Teach your kids to assemble and put together their stuff in advance. Let them make a list and get things ready. Not only will it make them independent and confident, but it will be easy for you as a parent to handle things during the travel.

  1. Bathroom kit: a tooth brush, toothpaste, shampoo, a travel size liquid wash for any washing requirement

  2. Clothes: Usually 1 set per day is enough, innerwear, night suits and socks. Depending on the place you are travelling to, climate specific clothes need to be packed. Example: Warm wear for cold places, beach wear for beaches, umbrellas or raincoats.

  3. Diaper Bag for babies & infants – Diapers, baby moisturiser, milk bottles, feeding jars, and a Diaper Rash cream to avoid the discomfort caused by rashes

  4. Accessories:  Hair clips, comb, body lotion, sunscreen, moisturizer, soap, sun glasses, hats, footwear including home slippers.

  5. A medicine kit with appropriate medicines, sanitizers, anti-colic, especially anti-motion sickness and first aid.

  6. Chargers for your gadgets


Transit can be a quite taxing and boring time for kids, especially waiting time at airports and train stations. Make sure you have all the listed things within reach, depending on your transit time and your child’s age and requirements.

  1. ID cards, Passport
  2. Travel mini board games
  3. Books
  4. Toys
  5. Snacks
  6. Compact stroller for toddlers 
  7. Dry and wet tissues
  8. Small handy towels 
  9. Entertainment gadgets like iPad, MP3 player for music loving kids 
  10. Activity books, colour pencils, crayons, Rubic’s cube or anything your child loves to be busy with.
  11. Change of clothes 
  12. Small garbage bags

Don’t forget to take a walk with your little ones, indulging in a low budget shopping spree at the airport or reading travel brochures together. These are the best memories they will have and it might last for a life time! Preparing yourself well for travel can make holidaying a pleasurable time for not just you but for your kid as well.