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Treatment Options for Your Social Anxiety Disorder

The majority of adults have experienced a form of social anxiety at some point in their life. Studies indicate that 75% of individuals experience a form of social anxiety symptoms during childhood period or their teenage years. When you develop any form of social anxiety, you will likely start abusing substances and creating a major depressive disorder. Luckily, a social anxiety disorder Flowood specialist can treat the negative effects of social anxiety before they impact your life negatively and cause more complications. Here are the types of medication your doctor may prescribe for your treatment. Your doctor may use treatment options for social anxiety, including medication and therapy sessions depending on your condition. For therapy sessions, the doctor may recommend the following:


If your social anxiety is severe and overwhelming to handle, it would be best to visit your doctor or talk to a mental health specialist for anxiety treatment louisville ky. Your doctor may recommend psychotherapy that can work independently or with other medication.

During your psychotherapy session, you will be taught ways of changing negative thoughts about your life. During such sessions, your doctor will engage you to get to the root cause of what is causing your anxiety.

Through role-play and other techniques that your doctor may apply, you will learn ways of developing social interaction to help build your confidence.


Doctors can administer a teletherapy session to individuals with social anxiety disorder remotely, especially if you are an individual who is trying to avoid in-person therapy. This is recommended to a person who fears meeting new people, even if it’s their doctor.

During a teletherapy session, your doctor will try to build trust between you to make you feel comfortable opening up about your life experience. Because you will be in your private space during your therapy session, the therapy creates a high level of confidentiality and anonymity.

Support Group

If you are impacted with social anxiety disorder, your doctor may advise you to join an online or local support group in your area handling social those groups, you will connect with other people undergoing the same or different challenges who understand your situation better.

In a support group, you will share your personal experience and learn from each other how to cope with your disorders. Additionally, you will learn a lot during role play.


Because social anxiety can be severe, when your condition is ongoing and impacts your life negatively, your doctor may prescribe a particular medication that is right for your state to help you cope. These medications include Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs), Monoamine oxidase Inhibitors (MAOIs), Beta Blockers, and Serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake Inhibitors.

Your doctor may also use anti-anxiety medication to help you cope with your anxiety, including diazepam and clonazepam. lorazepam, and alprazolam.

Anti-anxiety medications work faster, but they can have a sedative effect on your body or develop some habit formation. Therefore, your doctor may prescribe these medications for short-term use.

Suppose you are experiencing any form of social anxiety disorder that has affected your life. You will find the best specialist at the facility to help you overcome your phobia and become more sociable. Visit or schedule a consultation to discuss your condition and enquire about your treatment options.