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Types Of Cosmetic Breast Surgery Procedures

So you’re planning for breast surgery! Maybe, you’ve sagging breasts. Perhaps, your boobs are loose and unsightly. Regardless of the reason, an ideal procedure dedicated to cosmetic breast surgery will serve your needs. However, before calling a surgeon, you should get familiar with the various cosmetic breast surgery procedures. As well as helping you make the most out of the surgery, choosing an ideal procedure will also let you pick a reputed surgeon proficient in that particular procedure. Here are popular types of cosmetic procedures related to breast surgery.

Types of breast surgery

Breast augmentation

It’s performed to enrich the size, appearance, and contour of a lady’s breasts. Each lady has her own reasons for augmentation or mammoplasty. Some women believe that their boobs are way too small in relation to their body contour. On the other side, some ladies seek augmentation after size loss associated with lactation and pregnancy. Then there are women who intend to fortify an asymmetry in breast size.

In augmentation, surgery is done with implants that could be placed under or over the pectoralis chest muscle. Here, the incision could be placed in the areola, armpit, or lower breast. Usually, breast augmentation may be assisted with endoscopes. Once implants are placed under the pectoralis chest muscle, there’s less interference with screening mammoplasty.

A breast implant is actually a silicone shell filled with silicone gel or saline. After taking trial implants, the woman decides the desired size. On approval, the desired implant size is prepared. Augmentation is a straightforward procedure. However, certain risks and uncertainties are associated with the procedure, which is common with any surgery.

Breast reduction

It’s just the opposite of augmentation. Some women have large, pendulous breasts. Even such boobs give an unsightly appearance. Also, they could be highly discomforting. The excess weight of boobs could lead to back pain, neck pain, bra strap indentations, skin irritation, weakness, or numbness.

The procedure deals with the removal of excess fat, skin, and glandular tissue from boobs. With the reduction surgery, scarring could be extensive. Nipple-areola sensation, milk production, and normal breast sensation are preserved. However, some side effects may be observed, including lumpiness and pain from the scar tissue. Some women also feel unable to breast-feed. The procedure reduces breast volume, contour, and appearance while preserving breast function and sensation.

Breast reconstruction

Breast reconstruction aims at recreating a breast with the desired volume, contour, and appearance. Even the nipple-areola component is recreated. The breast-feeding ability and normal breast sensation are lost when the sensory nerves and/or milk ducts and glands have been significantly injured. It’s here breast reconstruction comes in handy.

The contour, volume, and appearance of the breast could be recreated either with implants or with the woman’s own tissue. At times, a portion of the lower abdominal wall could be used. Other tissue options include the back muscle or a portion of the buttock.

Breast lifts

In some ladies, the skin isn’t strong or resilient to support the breast weight. The boobs of these women start sagging. That gives an ugly appearance and makes them feel aged. Too much skin is the cause of the condition. Breast lifts deal with the removal of this excess skin. Once the excess skin is removed, the breasts look firmer and toned.

Bottom line

Dealing with unappealing breasts can be a task for many women. As well as hampering their looks, such boobs lower their confidence. However, it’s possible to get rid of this problem through breast surgery. Just get familiar with the various cosmetic breast surgery procedures detailed above and consult a reliable surgeon, like this cosmetic breast surgery procedures Philadelphia option. Within no time, you’re on your way to having lovely breasts you ever wished.