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Vein Doc Jordan Garrison: Treatments For Correcting Varicose Veins

When it comes to the human body, there are many known illnesses or issues. For a high percentage of individuals, varicoseveins are wreaking havoc by causing a number of negative issues. Varicose veins are generally dark blue or purplish colored, and they’re generally found on the legs. These cord-like veins can appear to be twisted and winding as well as causes pain or discomfort. Since they’re right under the skin, these veins tend to appear larger than standard veins. This large size happens because your bodyweight is forcing pressure through the veins wile standing and walking. Though this condition isn’t necessarily fatal, you should see a doctor that specializes in this subject to treat your symptoms.

A Top-Rated Choice For Varicose Veins

One of the better professionals in this field is known as Dr. JordanGarrison. This particular vein doc works for the exclusive Metro Vein Centers. His current office location is in Dover, New Jersey. On the other hand, Metro Vein Centers has locations in a number of regions, including New Jersey, New York, Michigan, Texas and Pennsylvania. Dr. Jordan Garrison is well-equipped to handle this condition, and he has been in the game for over two decades. His educational background is immense thanks to attending numerous universities. In 1982, Dr. Garrison graduated from the University of Medicine & Dentistry at New Jersey’s Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. After that, this man went on to complete his residency training in general surgery from New Jersey Medical School in Newark seven years later. In 2007, he completed his fellowship in bariatric surgery.

What Treatments Does Dr. Garrison Perform?

Dr. Jordan Garrison fully utilizes his medical brilliance in treating this condition. Thanks to working with such a phenomenal organization, he has some of the best tools for the trade at his disposal. Radiofrequency ablation is a common procedure that’s done to get to the root of the issue. This particular treatment focuses on utilizing radio waves to soothe discomfort. Patients can expect to get back to their daily schedule as soon as possible, and the treatment only lasts for one hour.

Endovenous-laser ablation is another cutting-edge procedure that Dr. Garrison commonly uses. This treatment is also designed to get down to the root of the issue. Unlike its radiofrequency counterpart, this particular treatment focuses on the use of laser beams. The results are just as affective, and the treatment can last for about an hour. Dr. Garrison also uses sclerotherapy for lessoning the appearance of varicose veins. Sclerotherapy also does an affective job of improving the look of spider veins, and the treatment lasts for about 30 minutes.

This popular vein doc has helped to relieve the fear from all of his many patients. This professional represents Metro Vein Centers to the highest degree, and he has an extremely long list of satisfied patients that will backup all claims.