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Ways of Treating Flat Feet

Generally, different body parts are made in different shapes and sizes. The same case applies to your feet, where some people have flat feet, while others have feet with high arches. Other people have their feet in beet being flat or having arches. However, if you have flat feet, you might be a victim of a lot of pain and discomfort, especially while walking or standing. Nevertheless, you do not have to bear these discomforts because various treatments are available for flat feet. Suppose you have flat feet The Woodlands, it is essential to learn and understand various treatment options available for flat feet to help deal with your discomfort. Below are some effective ways of treating flat feet.

  • Shoes

After you have been diagnosed with flat feet, your care provider may recommend you always put on shoes that provide good arch support. One of the best things you should appreciate is the comfort of being in shoes that support or stabilize your feet. These types of shoes are preferred compared to those without support, such as flip-flops.

  • Exercises

Exercises are always recommended, especially when you have concerns such as flat feet. You might require exercise when you have flat feet to help strengthen the muscles of your calf, foot, and ankle. They also play an essential role in strengthening your Achilles tendons, whose function is to your heel bone and cuff muscles, thus allowing you to lift your foot off the ground while walking. Therefore, physical therapy may be recommended when you have flat feet to help you learn and understand some exercises you need to participate in and ensure you perform them safely.

  • Immobilization

Sometimes, your care provider may require your foot, especially the posterior tibialis tendon, to rest. Therefore, you may be required to put on a cutting back or boot while participating in certain activities at least a few times a week. You are supposed to ensure you are gentle while coming out of the boot, whereby you will be required to perform some stretches and ease back activities. In other cases, you might also be required to use an orthosis during the period when you are supposed to take rest.

  • Orthoses

An orthotic also referred to as orthosis, is a device specially made to help deal with biomechanical concerns or improve motion. Therefore, with flat feet, you might need an ankle-foot orthosis which appears just like a foot orthosis or brace. Either of them plays an essential role in supporting the arch of your feet, thus aiding in movement and alleviating pain and discomfort. Usually, shoe inserts or orthosis are often custom-made or premade. However, it is best to start with pre-made orthoses because they are cheaper, but in severe cases, custom-made orthoses.

  • Surgery

Surgery is always the last option when all the above treatments are ineffective. The specific type of surgery you might require depends on the alignment of the bones and how flat your feet are. The surgery may involve moving tendons and ligaments or realigning the bones.

Flat feet can cause you to undergo a lot of pain and discomfort. If you want to do away with the pain and discomfort, you can start by calling Foot and Ankle Specialists today and asking about various flat feet treatment options. It will also be best if you narrow down which treatment is best for you.