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What is Lasik Surgery and Few Important Details about it

When it comes to eye surgery, there are different types of them which are used, depending on the requirements and situation of the patient. One such surgery is Lasik. If you are suffering from issues related with sightings; whether it is far or near; you would require a Lasik surgery. Lasik eye surgery is used to correct the vision related issues and also for the purpose of reshaping the cornea. Lasik is one of the most complicated procedures, when it comes to eye surgeries. Different types of pre surgery tests and procedures needs to be conducted prior conducting the surgery. Like any other eye surgery, when it comes to Lasik, there are elements of risk which are involved in it.

As far as post operation complications in Lasik is concerned, there can be various reasons which could lead to such a situation. It could be due the negligence or incompetency of the surgeon, lack of proper care post surgery and various other issues. However, if the complications arises due to faulty surgery procedure, in that case, you have every right to claim for compensation. However, it needs to be substantiated in a court of law. This is where an ophthalmologist expert witness comes into the picture. He has the expertise and skills to figure out whether there has been any negligence on part of the surgeon.

Reasons for Performing a Lasik Surgery

Lasik surgery is done, when the retina of your eyes do not receive sufficient amount of light. Due to this, you might experience various issues related to your vision. This is a condition which in medical terms, known as refractive error. There can be different types of refractive error. Here are some of them

  • Farsightedness (Hyperopia): If you are suffering from such a condition, in that case, you would have problem in viewing objects which are closer to you. However, things which are at a distance from you would appear to be quite clear.
  • Nearsightedness (Myopia): In such a condition, you will have difficulty in viewing things which are far away from you. However, viewing the objects near to you would be easier.
  • Astigmatism: In such a condition, you will experience blurry vision due to the shape of your eyes.

These are some of the conditions when Lasik surgery is performed. It is important for you to know that if you are below the age of 18, in that case, you should not undergo a Lasik eye surgery. Besides, those who are pregnant, suffering from glaucoma or under certain medications; are not eligible for Lasik. Therefore, it is very important for the surgeon to evaluate your medical conditions prior conducting the surgery.

If you think that you are a victim of mal surgical procedure, in that case, a glaucoma surgery expert witness can help you in a court of law. Besides, a cataract surgery expert witness can also help you in this regard. In order to prove your case in a court of law, you would require assistance of these experts.