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What to do if your surgeon fails to diagnose your retinal problems?

Medical misdiagnosis is one of the forms of medical negligence where you have the complete right to seek compensation for the damages caused. Medical misdiagnosis is difficult to determine and this is the reason why you need an expert ophthalmology witness for your case. Surgeons try their level best to offer the best outcome but at times there can be complications due to existing medical conditions and sometimes even the highly trained professionals go wrong with sophisticated diagnostic tools and equipments. So the patients who are looking forward to get retinal treatments should get adequate knowledge on the matters.

For better understanding, you need to understand the three common retinal conditions which can be misdiagnosed.

  • Central retinal vein occlusion– This is an eye condition where small spot hemorrhages gets spread all throughout the eye quadrants.
  • Retinoschisis– Sometimes, Retinoschisis is often confused with retinal detachment. This confusion is because in both the conditions, the retina stays elevated. It’s important for the eye doctor to point out the difference because retinal detachment requires surgical diagnosis but Retinoschisis does not cause any threat to your sight.
  • Macular Hole– Often, macular hole is confused with lamellar macular hole because the former is just the severe form of the latter.

These are the three retinal conditions where misdiagnosis can take place. Retinal misdiagnosis leads to severe problems, one of them being partial or complete loss of vision. If you believe that you’ve been a victim of malpractice, you should immediately get medical help. Consult your new doctor to reduce the symptoms or complications which you’re facing. Make sure that you keep all the medical papers with you because these are important documents which will be needed if you file a lawsuit against your surgeon.

Patients have the right to seek compensation for both economic and non-economic damages. In this regard, you have to seek help from attorneys who in turn will retain an ophthalmology expert witness to understand the severity of the damages caused. Moreover, they are called upon to provide expert testimony and deposition services at court trials. Their job is to prepare written reports based on the case facts. Malpractice lawsuits are highly complicated as it contains certain complex elements. Also, the attorneys do not have any understanding of these technical elements. These experts are essential for the case because they need to explain the entire case in a simplified manner so that it becomes easier for the judges to understand.

The role of ophthalmologist expert witness is many. Their case reviews and testimony can make or break the case and therefore, one has to be very attentive while choosing their expert witness. To get a favorable outcome, you need to find an experienced attorney who also has good network with eye expert witnesses. Do not make any delays because there’s a certain time limit within which you need to make your claims.