When the treatment was very uncomfortable indeed.

No one wants to go to the Doctors and before the discovery of antibiotics this was especially true for anyone who had contracted a sexual transmitted disease or Sti. In our more enlightened age we can treat STIs in a more timely and effective manner. We can also do it much less evasively or with treatments that can actually do more harm than good. One of the best ways to make sure you are ok is to get Home StI Kits London way like the ones available from bexley sexual health. Let’s have a look at what you could expect if you needed treatment in the past.

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We do know that the first cases of Syphilis in Europe was first discovered in the late fourteen hundreds but to what its origins are we are still in the dark. The most common held theory is that it was brought back on the Santa Maria by Christopher Columbus (not personally) and his crew. Late Medieval apothecaries and physicians were naturally stumped by this new and unpleasant disease to afflict humans and the only known treatment was a newly discovered plant from the New world, which didn’t work. The medical profession logically believing that the answer to this new disease might lie in the place where it came from.  They also used Mercury which, though marginally effective in curbing the worst of it was expensive and dangerous as it ended up poisoning the person you were trying to cure. At least it did not cause horrible disfigurations of the face and body like untreated Syphilis does.    However, these disfigurations did lead to some new developments in corrective surgery.

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To avoid all of this society and the medical profession went with the best line of attack they had. This was, convincing people not to have sex in the first place, especially with prostitutes. As sleeping with prostitutes was pretty much a common place event for both single and married men this was expecting quite a lot. It was also the approach to try and get women to not become prostitutes or sleep around, at least they weren’t blamed for it if they were married, and that was put purely at the door of the husband. Newspapers and periodicals were full of tales of men going to the Doctors hoping to be treated so that their wife and legacy were not infected as they were.

They also used poetry. One example deals with a case where a man decides to take the bold step of sleeping with a prostitute on his Stag do. He ends up giving it to his wife and their subsequent child is born blind.`