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Why Are Dental Implants The Best Option To Perfect Your Smile?

Although many people perceive missing one or more teeth as an aesthetic issue, it is typically more than that. Teeth loss doesn’t only affect your oral functionality but also how you speak and eat. While your smile is unique, unavoidable circumstances like tooth decay, injuries, and infections can result in tooth loss. Thankfully, dental implants Carthay procedures are custom to your precise needs. Dental implants make unimaginable improvements beyond looks, regardless of your condition. These artificial, natural-looking teeth serve the same purpose as your original teeth making your smile more glamorous. It’s no wonder why dental implants are a popular choice. Whether missing one or numerous teeth, here are five reasons you should get dental implants.

Implants perfectly look and function like your natural teeth

Unlike other tooth replacement procedures, dental implants blend seamlessly with your teeth and function better like your lost teeth. This is because implants are aesthetically appealing, making it difficult for others to notice you are not wearing them. Moreover, dental implants work similarly to your teeth, meaning you can comfortably eat, brush and floss like before.

Implants come in handy in preserving your remaining teeth

Once you consider an implant, you will benefit your overall oral health. Your teeth are naturally designed to support each other, and if one or more is missing, you’re at risk for more long-term dental issues. For instance, with a gap in your gums, your teeth will shift or become weak, making them vulnerable to dental problems. However, with implants, the replacement is done strategically to strengthen your teeth and fill the gap susceptible to oral infections.

Implants are substantial and can last a lifetime

When it comes to durability, dental implants are unique. Typically, implants are crafted in a manner they tightly fuse with your jawbone in a process known as osseointegration. For this reason, your dental implant is intended to be permanent. Although the crown sitting on top of your implant requires replacement, an implant can last a lifetime.

Implants are instrumental in improving your appearance and confidence

In most cases, having a missing tooth lowers your self-consciousness and appearance. Similarly, facial sagging is another consequence of jawbone volume loss resulting from teeth loss. Nevertheless, implants can give you a reason to smile once again. When your teeth alignment is reclaimed, you can effectively smile, boosting your facial and overall look.

Dental implants are versatile and convenient

Despite your number of missing teeth, implants are effective in replacing them at your convenience. Implants don’t require messy adhesives and overnight soaking compared to other teeth replacement procedures. Also, implants are easy to floss and maintain, making eating and talking convenient.

Tooth loss can cause embarrassment, especially when you have been fond of comfortably eating or smiling. However, that doesn’t mean your situation is inevitable! At Smile Perfector Dental Group, Dr. David Shouhed and his team offer top-notch implants to ensure you regain your lost gorgeous smile. In addition, our team tailors an individualized plan that fits all your needs. If your smile affects your quality of life, consider booking your appointment with Dr. Shouhed today!