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What is the difference between CBD and THC?

Cannabis products continue to increase in number as we move towards cannabis legalization and research. CBD is one such product that does not contain THC (the intoxicant found in marijuana).


Although both CBD and THC come from cannabis, their effects on the body are quite different. They can also be mixed together to create a more pleasant feeling for the user.

Simply put, Delta 9 THC causes the high one experiences from cannabis. CBD, on the other hand, is not intoxicating. It is responsible for binding with the cannabinoid receptors in order to block the intoxicating effects caused by THC. This combination creates a less psychedelic reaction to cannabis and makes it more enjoyable for its users.

A high dose of CBD can create a relaxing and euphoric feeling, with the possibility of increased brain clarity.

Differences between CBD and THC in their chemical structure

THC and CBD have the same chemical formula, which is surprising. They both contain 21 carbon atoms and 20 hydrogen atoms. There are also 2 oxygen atoms. Their atoms have been arranged differently, giving them different chemical properties. This is why each of them affects the body differently.

CBD and THC are psychoactive components

Let’s now talk about the elephant in the room: which cannabinoids have psychoactive properties? CBD doesn’t have these effects. If you use products containing Delta 9-THC derived from hemp, they may be psychoactive.

CBD vs THC Medical Benefits

We are unable to discuss any potential medical benefits of CBD, THC, or other cannabinoids derived from hemp. We encourage you to speak with your doctor, do thorough research using reliable sources, and make an informed decision if you have any questions.

CBD Effects vs THC

You can testify that every experience with hemp products is different, and it’s for a good reason. How you feel can be affected by many factors, including tolerance, the amount taken, metabolism, and your environment. We cannot guarantee you will experience any of the below effects. Let’s look at the differences in effects between CBD and Delta 9.

Several of our customers have told us that after consuming CBD, they felt calm and relaxed without experiencing any noticeable effects. Delta 9 is said to cause feelings of motivation and euphoria. It can also increase appetite.

When you learn the differences in the structure of CBD and THC, it is no surprise that they provide a totally different experience. But, as with anything else, if this is your first time using Delta 9 or CBD, always start slowly and wait for the effects.

CBD and THC Legality Different

You will be aware that if you are familiar with hemp laws, the 2018 Farm Bill has legalized hemp production, sales, and distribution on a federal basis. Since this bill was passed, hemp is no longer included in the Controlled Substances Act. It has also been legally separated from marijuana. Hemp is now defined as cannabis with 0.3% of Delta 9 THC or less.

The only difference in law between CBD and Delta 9 is their respective concentration limits. According to the above statement, a hemp-based product may contain up to 0.3% Delta 9 on a weight basis. CBD and other cannabinoids derived from hemp do not have a maximum concentration.

Drug Testing

The standard drug test is designed to detect THC metabolites because most of the research has been done on Delta-9 THC. We still lack adequate research on the effects of other cannabinoids, despite there being many variants of THC.

Since CBD is not THC, one might assume it wouldn’t show up on a drug screen. Some CBD products, such as full spectrum CBD, can contain Delta 9 up to 0.3%. We encourage you to stop using all hemp products, even if they don’t contain THC.

Final Word

CBD and THC both have a variety of benefits. Do your research before using CBD and THC. This will allow you to decide whether cannabinoids suit you and, more importantly, you can begin using cannabis with confidence.

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