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Texas Specialists Offer Non-Surgical Therapy For Pain Relief Due To Spinal Stenosis 

Back pain caused due to spinal stenosis can affect our daily activities. The excruciating pain leaves us with no choice but to go for spinal surgery to get relief. However, you may try spinal cord stimulation therapy, the latest non-surgical treatment for back pain relief which is also available in Texas clinics. This therapy involves interrupting the pain signals to the brain due to which the patient does not experience their usual pain symptoms. 

If you are looking for the best non-surgical stimulator therapy for spinal stenosis Mesquite, visit OmniSpine Pain Management Clinics. The best part is that their specialist Dr. Morchower offers a trial of the stimulation device for 3-5 days to the patient before proceeding with the actual procedure of implanting the stimulator in the spine. 

Call them or book an online appointment to meet their specialists either in their Frisco or Mesquite centers for more information on spinal cord stimulation therapy.

What is spinal stenosis?

Spinal stenosis occurs when the space inside the backbone is too narrow. It is caused due to wear and tear in the spine. This generates pain usually in the neck and the lower back which is felt when you stand or walk for long creating pressure on the nerves and the spinal cord.

People with chronic spinal stenosis may experience symptoms that can become worse with time like pain, numbness, tingling sensation, and muscle weakness. 

What is spinal cord stimulation therapy?

People suffering from chronic pain who have also tried initial treatments but did not get any relief can try spinal cord stimulation therapy. It is also effective for those who are experiencing spinal pain even after going through surgical treatment of the lower back or neck. 

This non-surgical procedure involves placing a small gadget with electrodes on the spinal cord that deliver electrical impulses. These electrical impulse blocks the nerves and the pain signals are not carried to the brain. 

Reduce your lower back or spinal pain with spinal cord stimulation therapy as it allows you to carry out daily activities with less pain and medication. Visit a good Texas clinic with centers in Frisco and Mesquite for more information on this latest technique. 

Some of them also offer a 3-5 days trial of the stimulation therapy before proceeding with implanting the stimulator device. If you find that the stimulation therapy does not work for you then you may not proceed with the actual treatment.